Docemo Silver (24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year)

Needless to say, our Silver package covers everything mentioned in the section about the Bronze package, but it comes with a completely different type of service included. Not only that our service personnel will be available at literally every moment (including weekends and holidays), they will also actively monitor the state of your IT system and propose measures that will prevent bottlenecks or failures before they even happen. It is fair to say this package offers the best of both worlds – clients get a dedicated team that pays full attention to the task at hand, but still keeps the flexibility created by using managed services as a primary model of IT capacity building. Many clients find this balance well suited for their business and economic realities.


  • All Microsoft Network Operating Systems
  • All Microsoft Office Applications
  • All Desktop Operating Systems
  • All versions of Outlook, Exchange Server and SQL Server
  • All server and desktop hardware
  • All printers, network copiers, scanners, smartphones and PDAs Lab/bench time
  • A published SLA and escalation process
  • Disaster recovery for servers


  • Docemo Gold

  • Docemo Silver

  • Docemo Bronze

  • Pay As You Go

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