About US

At Docemo Business Solutions, we are MicrosofAbout UstSmall Business Specialists. For the last ten years, we have helped small and medium-sized businesses reduce their IT costs and improve efficiency.

Part of our success is due to our cost-effective network management and support

When you use this service, you get:

  • Pay-as-you-go monthly billing
  • No long-term commitment

This approach combines a low initial investment with predictable IT costs. It also gives you flexibility in a world where IT frequently changes.

The result is that your IT stays current. You also control your operating costs. Our other services include:

  • Project consulting
  • Fast-response, affordable technical support
  • Managed services offering
  • Secure data erasure
  • Hardware disposal and recycling

Contact us today.

One of our principles is to listen to what you want. We can :

  • Discuss and explain how Microsoft Business Solutions can help you
  • Install and maintain desktops and servers
  • Install new releases and upgrades
  • Consolidate your existing servers to give you a simpler, more integrated system
  • Handle the migration of your current system to Windows

We do all this quickly, reliably and with attention to detail.

We also act with complete professionalism. You can COntact Usrely on us to work fast, and to give friendly, practical advice. Take a look to see what some of our customers are saying about our service. click here

We are not the same as our competitors. We do not insist you sign a long-term contract. We do not sell you an IT system and charge you excessive amounts for upgrades. And we do not expect your business to adapt to an IT system rather than the other way round.

Speak to us now. Take advantage of our competitive fees, cost-cutting IT management tools and business-focused expertise.