Services :

  • Project Consulting

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    Get professional advice regarding all technology-related aspects of your next business endeavour and take advantage of experience and expertise Docemo Business Solutions can provide at a price custom-made for small and medium-sized companies in expansion.

  • Managed Services Offering

    Discover a better way to take care of your IT needs without spending big money to do it. Once you learn about value packages of managed IT services delivered by Docemo Business Solutions, your daily work will become much easier and more effective.

  • Hardware Disposal and Recycling

    Don’t let old equipment eat up valuable space, call Docemo Business Solutions to discard it in the way proscribed by applicable regulations and with highest regard to environmental concerns and human safety. Send all the electronic waste you still own into the recycle bin in a matter of hours!

  • Product Sales

    Take the first step towards building a successful online brand and select all of the affordable IT products offered by Docemo Business Solutions you need. We know what small and medium companies look to boost their revenues and we take pride in tailoring our products to help clients do exactly that

  • Partner Services

    Follow through on your investment in new hardware or software by hiring experienced pros to perform installation and setup, maximizing the value you get when the system is put in operation. No matter how hard you look, you won’t find a more reliable partner for third-party installations than Docemo Business Solutions.